Embracing “That time of the month”

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the female body & how it reflects and is in sync with the cycles of the Earth. Everything is connected in a beautiful way. Despite the messages we receive daily from society & media, our body cycles are beautiful in this same way.

Check out this cool video by Laci Green about reconsidering your relationship with your body – specifically your attitude and approach to menstruation.

***Men – before you go running from this topic – this applies to you too! We can all learn a little and rethink our attitudes towards “that time of the month”.

Really though, this post is about passing on a cool new thing I just learned about! The menstrual cup! Say, what?

Menstrual Cup

Yep… a medical grade silicone cup that is used in place of tampons to catch menstrual flow! Say goodbye to that monthly expense – you only need 1 cup which ranges from $20-40 & can last up to 10 years!! No more bleached, chemical-laden products that can leave behind micro tears in the vagina & leave you susceptible to infection (no more TSS worries)! Plus, one silicone cup compared to 10 years of pads/tampons in a landfill? Sounds like a great way to reduce the ecological footprint! You can find out more or purchase a menstrual cup at Gladrags.com & Divacup.com.

Remember my post on charting your fertility signs? Once again, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this alternative method that embraces the natural cycles of life & the female body. I am simultaneously empowered and also stunned that I am almost thirty years old and only now learning about this option! Spread the love & spread the world people.

Looking for ways to take better care of & honor your body but not into the menstrual cup idea? Check out gladrags.com for reusable pantyliners & pads that are better for your body & much more sustainable for our planet!