Crystals… just another pretty rock?

holistic healing

Really mom? You are going to move your giant stones all the way from Indiana to California? That is nearly 2,500 miles. But dad agreed & the big rocks moved with us. On the road trip to California mom bought me a gold heart necklace laden with pyrite. I was just excited to have a bit of “fools gold” & to know the secret… it wasn’t worth anything compared to “real gold”. Or was I the fool? These are my first rock memories. I was 9 years old. Mom continued to collect rocks, precious stones & crystals. They were pretty. I never got it.

Last year, a friend into the Chinese art of Feng shui, gave me my first crystal. Or so I thought. I realized I had already been given a similar one by my mom as a teenager. She called it a prism. She showed me how it reflected light & cast beautiful rainbows around the room. I think she knew there was more to it. She always felt the connection. I thought it made a fun necklace charm. Maybe she thought my teenage self would laugh at the suggestion that crystals carry a real energy. Or maybe she did suggest it & my doubtful teen self chose to ignore it.


It is funny. The more I learn about feng shui, the more I realize my mom actually has a knack for this whole energy balancing thing. If you want to incorporate some fun & simple Feng shui tips into your life, check out or follow @designchime on instagram.

pyrite crystal

Soon after receiving my first crystal as an adult, I was given pyrite from another friend for my thirtieth birthday just this month. It draws money & good luck? What!!?? Prosperity? Strength? Could the gold diggers that threw this stone out have been adding to their bad luck & failure? Did they miss the point? Could this be another great wellness tool that so many of us dismiss without fully understanding? The questions keep coming. My curiosity is piqued.

Himalayan Salt Crystal

Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp

After receiving several crystals for my recent birthday (pyrite, a Himalayan sea salt lamp & an amazonite charm), I have been drawn to learn more. What is it about these rocks that some people feel connected to? Is there something more going on that I just didn’t see? Or maybe it is a feeling? A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon a sweet rock shop in Morgan Hill called House of Poppy Jasper & got to spend over an hour there learning from the owners on a sleepy Thursday afternoon. I left the shop with two quartz abundance crystals, a bundle of sage & much excitement for my new appreciation for rocks.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz: healing,generates electromagnetic energy, dispels static electricity, cleanses

Sage for Purifying Crystals

Sage: when burned the smoke can be used to cleanse the home or crystal

If you have interest & are open to discovering something new, I recommend venturing into a rock shop near you. Explore. Pick up crystals. Hold them in your hands. Close your eyes. Listen. Who knows what you will discover?

Crystal Guide Book

I just got this book on Crystals to learn more. So far I have learned the benefits are endless, how to choose & cleanse a crystal, and set intentions for use. As I talk to others, go into rock shops, incorporate crystals into my home and routine, I am learning there are many subtle, yet powerful, tools I have been missing out on. As I work to quiet my mind & allow the voice inside me to grow stronger, I am urged to listen to intuition & open myself to new possibilities. Looks like mom was onto something all along…

Crystal in Wealth Corner for Abundance & Success

Jade, orange essential oil & pyrite for abundance. All hanging out in my home’s wealth corner 🙂

Crystals transmit and receive energies. They transmute & transform, attract or repel. The most powerful may appear dull – until the beneficial effects are felt. They bring serenity to a home, peace to an individual. They protect or heal, attract abundance, and create love. Objects of beauty in their own right, they enhance the environment wherever they are placed.

-The Illustrated Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall