Polar Bears & New Year: It’s 2015!!


Happy New Year to you!

I hope you are finding what you are looking for today – the first day of a new year. Whether that be a fresh start, resolution for change, acceptance, openness, renewal or just a new day to fill with love & gratitude.

I for one, was ready to jump start the new year. It’s not necessarily about packaging time up in a tidy little box and getting to forget the troubles of the year just past. 2014 was a beautiful & challenging year of growth – a year of inspiration. I have come to love January. I just realized this today. January is the month we had our wedding (I got a sun burn that day). It is the month my husband was born – thankful for that Capricorn! As a sun-loving Californian, January has it all. Crisp air, stunning sunsets, possibility of rain (at last – the hills are green for the first time in a year) & no shortage of sunshine.

green hills

And January marks a new calendar year. For me the new year is encouragement, motivation, & a reminder to seize the day. It isn’t about waiting until tomorrow, or Monday, or even a New Year to make a positive change. Personal growth, working towards goals & even being a happy human being are active & ongoing processes. However, there is something about a new year that says, “Go ahead, you can do this”. Starting a new year, like starting again, is a new beginning. We may need many new beginnings on our journey & this time of year reminds us that it is okay.

In celebration I chose to spend the day with a couple of the people closest to me.

We hiked & connected with nature.

We connected with our community in celebration & renewal (via the Polar Bear Dip – it was playful & restorative).

polar dip

And lastly, carved some time to be with myself in meditation & reflection.

Oh, & we ate good food together too. Yum.

However you begin the year, go for it. Open heart. Courage. Authenticity.

May 2015 bring much love, gratitude & joy.

6 thoughts on “Polar Bears & New Year: It’s 2015!!

  1. Never mind balance and love, Kelly Ann, just eat and savor chocolate – good dark chocolate. 🙂 And of course I’m kidding. The other two are equal parts of an important equation. Best wishes to you and your for a fantastic 2015!


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