Big, blue & beautiful: H20


We’re back. Back to the work week. Anyone else still daydreaming about the beauty & relaxation of the holiday weekend? We spent the holiday at Lake Tahoe – it really is blue! And clear. We played on a jet ski, swam, floated & soaked up as much of that beautiful water as we could in three days! Despite the packed beaches, beings surrounded by lake, mountains & blue sky brought so much peace!



Did you know Lake Tahoe holds enough water to cover all of California with 14 inches of water? Well, at least it usually does. I’m sure it has been impacted by the current drought situation, but the feeling was still one of abundance. A lovely and misleading feeling.

Blessed to have spent three days in this magnificent blue body of water & fresh mountain air, I have returned with a fresh awareness of the seriousness of California’s current drought & wild fire season. While the problem is big, we can all contribute to the solution. I just took this online pledge to conserve – check it out! Accountability is good 🙂

After checking out some ways to conserve water at home I am committing (& re-committing) to the following changes to reduce my household water consumption:

  • Wash dishes with a tub of soapy water & a tub of rinse water
  • Put ice cubes that accidentally fall on the ground in house plants
  • Collect water used to rinse veggies for watering the garden
  • Use water-less car cleaning products to increase length of time between washes
  • Turn off the tap while washing hands, brushing teeth & shaving
  • Check & repair any leaks immediately
  • Take shorter showers & turn off water while washing hair
  • When home, don’t flush every NUMBER 1 – that’s over a gallon saved per flush!

I am grateful to live in a world full of solutions & ways we can generate change! Let me know in the comments below if you have other easy suggestions for conserving this precious resource – H20!




3 thoughts on “Big, blue & beautiful: H20

  1. Just wanted you to know, I am really enjoying your writings and pictures! Thank you for the essential oils recipes and links to points of other inspirations and information like the Ted Talk etc. Thanks for sharing the love of life and increasing your ripple impact zone!

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