Setting Goals: Summer to-dos

There is something magnificent about being fully submerged in the ocean. The first shiver as toes meet the sea, the instant cessation of other thoughts and emotions as the icy blanket swallows me whole & the inevitable taste of salt that lingers on my lips. I find myself craving this reboot, or symbolic cleanse, when seeking clarity, trying to shake negativity, needing to reconnect with nature, or when looking for a fresh start at the turn of the season.

Celebrating Summer Solstice yesterday by soaking up the last rays of the evening sun

Today, I took a re-vitalizing dip in the Pacific and began thinking about my goals for this summer, the rest of 2014 & the end of an era – my twenties. That’s right – my 29th birthday is this summer!

I have been wanting to start a bucket list for awhile now, but I think I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the task. Hence the procrastination and many “life to-do lists” that I’ve been jotting randomly on every scratch paper in sight. I see a bucket list as a work that will always be in progress. A tool that promotes staying true to the self & living a vibrant, fulfilling life each day.

I will start my official bucket list soon (maybe I’ll re-watch the movie for inspiration), but in the meantime, here are my current goals as I set intentions for a summer of health, love & listening to the guidance of my inner voice. Have I mentioned I love making to-do lists?


  • Create a “30 by Thirty” list: set goals for final year of being a twenty-something
  • Surf a wave: on a stand up paddle board
  • Meditate regularly (2x daily): start with 7 days in a row
  • Practice Yoga: attend 2 classes every week & continue #headstand365 challenge
  • Hike Wednesdays: stay committed to 1 new hike per week
  • Play guitar: learn & sing one complete song. It is time to pick it back up – literally!
  • Be grateful: finish #100happydays gratitude practice
  • Read 5 books: Summer is the season I remember how much I love to read & I have a book shelf full of must-reads 🙂
  • Wash the blinds: I really need the accountability on this one!
  • Dine with a view: eat dinner at Nipenthe in Big Sur
  • Paint a picture: put something beautiful on the four mini canvases collecting dust on the craft table
  • Just drive: take a road trip to somewhere new
  • DIY: try out a homemade deodorant recipe
  • Watch “The Secret”: this film on the law of attraction comes highly recommended
  • Play & Laugh: in the sunshine & as much as possible!!!

That should get things started! What will you do to cherish this summer season?


If you need some goal setting inspiration you can take a Goal Setting Skills Test or find some tips for writing your goals from Psychology Today. I love Matt Cutt’s Ted Talk on trying something new for 30 days. It provides motivation for trying something new off your own bucket list & is also a good strategy for incorporating small changes into our lives one day at time!

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